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I'll Think on It

Not So Average Joe Blues

Sciency on this Mojo

Somethin' Fishy

About Us

About Us

Trouble Cliff Jazz Ensemble is led by Joey Farish and William Finn, two young musicians from Los Alamos, NM. The duo grew up together and collaborated musically since high school. They established Trouble Cliff Jazz in early 2016.

Although Joey and Will pull from a variety of sources, the elements tying the music together are their improvisational approach and collaborative songwriting. Trouble Cliff’s repertoire consists of jazz standards as well as many originals. The majority of the duo’s compositions are written and arranged together after either member brings an idea to the table. They especially love to experiment with odd meters, abnormal forms and differing modes.

Joey and Will can be heard with The Ryan Finn Ensemble on Tuesday nights at Bathtub Row Brewing Company, where they sit in frequently.